About Us

Korso Outdoors is more than just a manufacturer, assembler, and designer of outdoor accessories. We are a group of enthusiasts trying to make sure every hike or fishing trip feels like an adventure.

We know that the gear you use says something about you, and your commitment to your hobby or passion. Sometimes it communicates your seriousness, or catches that second glance from another paddler and, maybe, makes them a little jealous... We want you to be as excited to be seen with your gear as you are to use it.

When reviewing a new product design, we have two firm criteria it must pass in order to move on.

The product must aesthetically stand out.

We are trying to bring another level of user-focused design to segments of the outdoor industry that are in need of a little color.

The product must be an upgrade.

It has to offer the user some additional functionality beyond what is currently available to them. The aesthetics of our products might lure people in, but we know performance is the only thing that will keep them coming back for more.

We put so much effort into designing accessories because we know all the right elements can make an afternoon on the water, feel like an adventure a world away.