5 Essential (and Colorful) Kayak-Fishing Accessories That Will Dress Up Your Ride

As anglers, we all spend our time chasing the next strike, the next hook set, the next fish that will make our reel squeal … and the possibility that our next catch will top our personal best. And all of these experiences, of course, are made sweeter when accomplished from a kayak. You see, we kayak anglers are unique because we challenge ourselves to make the art of angling harder — not because we have to, but because we want to.

So, as kayak anglers, we already stand out from the norm — and we want our ride to be as unique as we are. If you’re looking for ways to up your kayak-fishing game and make your kayak uniquely you (all while avoiding those boring, all-black accessories you find everywhere else), check out these five kayak-fishing essentials from the colorful line of Korso kayak accessories:

  • Korso Boat Tie — Compatible with most rail systems — and, like all Korso gear, available in a range of color options to help you add a personal touch to your rig — the Korso Boat Tie makes it much easier to tie your kayak up to a dock or tree when you need to hop out, or to tie off your anchor when you’ve found the perfect spot to linger for a while. Sporting a body offered in orange, blue, yellow or purple, this piece of essential kayak-fishing gear is designed with a closed cross-section that delivers stiffness when used as a traditional cleat or tie-down. Its adjustment knob (available in cool gray or light blue) and contoured T-nut also enable quick attachment and removal in the middle of a rail.
  • Korso Bucket — No list of essential kayak-fishing equipment would be complete without including a way to keep the most critical angling tools within easy reach while on the water. And the Korso Bucket — available in a cool gray base color with configurable dividers in blue, purple, yellow or orange, or in light blue with blue or purple dividers — does just that. This handy container is ideal for tool or lure organization, and thirsty anglers will be glad to hear that it can be used as a cup holder as well! To ensure it stays in place, this rugged piece of equipment for kayak fishing attaches to your kayak, boat, or other watercraft with Korso’s brand-exclusive Lockdown™ mounting system. It’s compatible with most other track systems, and its helpful features include the aforementioned configurable dividers and a snap-on lid.
  • Korso Lie Down — To keep all of our must-have kayak-fishing gear in place when the ride gets rough, it’s critical to tie down any tackle crates, dry bags, etc. we bring along for our days on the water. And when your rig is equipped with the Korso Lie Down, securing such items is a piece of cake. This handy accessory — available in orange, blue, yellow or purple — uses Korso’s brand-exclusive Lockdown™ mounting system to ensure a firm attachment to your kayak, boat or other watercraft. The Korso Lie Down is compatible with most track systems, and its slot is angled and offset to make it easier to feed a strap through from the bottom. It also provides a perfect fit with 1” to 1.5" webbing, and its contoured T-nut allows for easy mid-rail attachment.
  • Korso Tie Down — When you need to tie down taller items in your kayak, the Korso Tie Down is the perfect tool for the job. Like the Lie Down, it adds security (and peace of mind) with Korso’s brand-exclusive Lockdown™ mounting system, plus it features easy compatibility with most track systems on the market. Further, offering added functionality, this tie down’s adjustment knob allows for moving or tilting the accessory to find the perfect strap angles. The Korso Tie Down is a fit with 1” to 1.5" webbing, and its contoured T-nut facilitates attachment in the middle of a rail. It’s also available in orange, blue, yellow or purple.
  • Korso Rod Holder — Rounding out our kayak-fishing gear guide is an accessory offering kayak anglers a firm, hands-free hold on what’s arguably their most critical tool — their fishing rod. To deliver extreme versatility, the Korso Rod Holder’s articulating arms accommodate a broad range of rod sizes, and it can securely hold spinning, casting and fly rod handles with the help of its profiled elastomer wheels. Its smooth turret action adjusts at 10° increments to support an array of angling scenarios and preferences, and its quick-lock base provides for easy attachment and removal. The Korso Rod Holder is available in orange, blue or yellow.