All-New Outdoor Brand Debuts Elevated Kayak Fishing Accessories

Korso Outdoors Releases New Products For Pre-Order

[Bucks County, PA, July 20, 2021] — Empowering anglers with better gear for better adventures on the water is the mission driving the all-new brand, Korso Outdoors, as it enters the market with five kayak fishing accessories in never-before-seen colors and designs. 

Korso is committed to delivering simply designed, innovatively engineered, and accessible products that will allow its customers to elevate their outdoor adventures.

“During our initial research we were perplexed by the lack of color and aesthetics of kayak accessories,” said Jake Rita, product manager of Korso. “Knowing that users are passionate about personalizing their kayaks, we were determined to ensure aesthetics were at the forefront of our development process. Korso is proud to be the first to bring a ‘splash of color’ to kayak accessories.

The current standards are good. They establish a minimum level of acceptable practices. But for us, standards are merely a starting point. We are a group of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and engineers who view product design through a different lens than most.”

Korso Outdoors has developed its inaugural accessory line through thoughtful engineering and purposeful industrial design. Both aspects come together to produce products that excel in performance and aesthetics.

“The kayak community is a passionate group of people who are enthusiastic about their gear. We know that their rig and the accessories on it say a lot about who they are. This drives us to make products that people are proud to use and show off, making their day on the water that much better,” added Rita.

KORSO begins taking online pre-orders for its bucket, boat tie, lie down, tie down and t-slot rail on Sunday, August 1. These products are made in the USA and will be available in fall 2021.